Release #006-8 | Vaelen – ATX [EP]

Vaelen – ATX [EP]

Vaelen – ATX [3-Track EP] is finally out now nearly everywhere!

  • Track 1: Resurgence [Original Mix]
  • Track 2: Kurayami [Original Mix]
  • Track 3: Enlight [Original Mix]

Genre: Techno

Label: None / Selfrelease

Hey everyone I hope you are doing well!

A bit late to the party but I finally found time to write something about my recently released ATX-EP.

As you may can see, the ATX-EP is dedicated to Austin, Texas because it is the city Im currently living in for 2 years for a work related matter. I did all 3 tracks completely in Austin from start to finish so these tracks are basically bound to the experiences and feelings forever and I also made the cover art by myself taken on W 7th Street / Colorado Rd on a scorching hot 43°C outside! That EP is basically a personal timemachine for me that brings me back to this age when listening to it in the future.

I had that track name idea for Kurayami (Japan for Darkness) from the soundtrack of the Matrix (Clubbed to Death) because the YT description mentions its the “Kurayamino” version.

Enlight has more of an approach thats gets to the point where I used vocal chops from some pack with an clear and hard drop.

Resurgence was the first track I finished from the EP and I think I was pretty fast with that one too!

In general I can say that these tracks were the first good tracks I´ve written after quite a unproductive time coming from the challenges with moving in a different country, changing companies, colleagues, friends and job so yeah its no secret that you need time to adapt first before being creative.

That EP kinda marks the assignment for me in Austin and the next one will come soon!

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