Release #005 | Vaelen – Cavity [Original Mix]

Vaelen – Cavity [Original Mix]

Vaelen – Cavity [Original Mix] is finally out now nearly everywhere!

Genre: Melodic / Progressive.

Label: None / Selfrelease

Good morning, evening, afternoon or night. You are free to choose.

Im celebrating my new release called Cavity. Born in summer of ´96 ahhm I mean 2022 this track came alive and got first played as a test on a bluetooth speaker in 2022 Croatia vacation with the boys.

For Cavity I always wanted a VFX visualizer so I was searching for an VFX artist online on Instagram and finally I found one who was willing to work with me on the project. After we chatted for a while and had a couple of calls we quickly developed the first ideas and impressions how the visualizer should look like. The real-time reactive audio visualizer was made in Touchdesigner with Ableton as an audio source in the background. The parameters are actually controlled by the single lanes in the track so that everything is nice and separate. In the end the visualizer got 2 parts, which we combined because the track also kinda got two parts itself.

I hope you like it and feel free to check out the VFX artist on Instagram!

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