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About Me

Valentin Vogl Vaelen
Lé me in Regensburg

Hey there!

My name is Valentin also known under the pseudonyme ‘vaelen’.

My artistname is derived from the pronunciation of the name Valentin [ˈvalənˌtīn] in english with and additional ‘e’, which I found under my carpet.

Im currently living in Germany, Ratisbona (You probably should visit this town because its nice)

Why the heck Im making music?

I always had that deep connection with musical artwork and it was always a dream of mine to make and play my music one day so I started that journey in March of 2020 during the first Coronaviruslockdown in Germany because that was probably the best time to start.

At first I grabbed a copy of FL Studio and got in touch with the process etc. but after a a few months I struggeled with my workflow and I was always watching tutorials with Ableton so I switched and I never went back. After some time practicing my DAW and some plugins I was finally able to make something close to music and then I went on.