Release #002 | Vaelen – Glare [Original Mix]

Vaelen – Glare [Original Mix]

Vaelen – Glare [Original Mix] is out now on nearly all streaming platforms!

Genre. Deep House, Melodic Mood: Spacy, Melodic

Label: None / Selfrelease

Today I celebrate my second selfrelease till today. This track is a bit more melodic and also calmer in nature with a touch of spacy vibes.

Probably one of the fastest tracks I have ever written but the mixing stage was a pain in the ass because I had troubles with dynamics etc. but im proud that its finished now and I did it all by myself!

What do I learn from this? I need to focus more on workflow and less distraction… Also avoid bringing out perfectionism in the creative stage because it fucks things up quickly when you try to tune your synths for 5 hours.

Thanks for supporting!

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